WTF series: elevari experts offering soul-level support

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what the f*ck are healing crystals?

healing crystals are more than “rocks” — they are powerful, energetic gemstones that connect us to universal energy. every crystal has its own special energy and you can use them to amplify your intentions, raise your vibration + reach a higher state of being.

watch this video to hear the #elevari founders dish out all the juicy details about how to pick a crystal (spoiler: crystals pick you!), where to put them, how to use them, and so much more...

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what the f*ck is saturn return?

first we need to look at our birth charts. your birth chart is a snapshot of the planets in the sky the moment you were born. each planet was in a particular position at that time, and as the planets go about their business rotating + moving, they eventually “return” to that exact position.

you’ve likely heard of your solar return — aka your birthday!

watch as @taylormikiska explains more on what the f*ck is saturn return + shares some tips on how to navigate.

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