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the spiritual awakening kit

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a custom collection of healing crystals, curated to help you raise your vibration spiritually, foster connections with angels + higher realms, and tap into your divine power

amethyst → encourages inner peace, intuition + spiritual growth, lifts the veil between the physical world + spiritual world

clear quartz → master healer + deep cleanser, align all chakras, illuminate your aura and amplify spiritual connection

celestite → tap into your divine power + amplify psychic abilities. open connection to higher realms and invite angels into your space


due to the natural formation of crystals, each unique stone may vary in size, shape and color tone from the photos listed.

elevari only works with reputable vendors + artisans who adhere to fair trade, ethical business practices, and are passionate about nature + sustainability.

each healing gemstone is high quality, ethically sourced + hand-picked with minimal impact on the environment

elevari crystal kits are infused with reiki energy + positive vibes

the spiritual awakening kit