Zoom healing crystal kit for financial abundance
Zoom green jade tumbled gemstone
Zoom raw pyrite crystal
Zoom tumbled tigers eye crystal

the financial abundance kit

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a custom collection of healing crystals, curated to help you raise your vibration financially, manifest prosperity + wealth, and boost confidence so you can slay your goals

jade → opens you to prosperity + good fortune, provides ambition and confidence in accomplishing goals

pyrite → with its natural resemblance to real gold, pyrite attracts wealth, abundance + invites in success

tiger’s eye → use the "eye of the tiger" to witness your own strength, find courage to pursue new ventures, enhance practicality + integrity


due to the natural formation of crystals, each unique stone may vary in size, shape and color tone from the photos listed.

elevari only works with reputable vendors + artisans who adhere to fair trade, ethical business practices, and are passionate about nature + sustainability.

each healing gemstone is high quality, ethically sourced + hand-picked with minimal impact on the environment

elevari crystal kits are infused with reiki energy + positive vibes

the financial abundance kit