Zoom healing crystal kit for emotional wellness
Zoom tumbled rainbow moonstone crystal
Zoom tumbled rhodonite gemstone
Zoom tumbled sunstone crystal

the emotional wellness kit

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a custom collection of healing crystals, curated to help you raise your vibration emotionally, cope with difficult feelings, cultivate self love + acceptance

sunstone → frees you from self doubt, encourages confidence + self-esteem, stimulates strength 

rainbow moonstone → releasing frustration, stabilize emotions, surrendering to natural progress of life's ups + downs

rhodonite → overcome deep-set trauma, heal emotional wounds, eliminate feelings of regret + sadness



due to the natural formation of crystals, each unique stone may vary in size, shape and color tone from the photos listed.

elevari only works with reputable vendors + artisans who adhere to fair trade, ethical business practices, and are passionate about nature + sustainability.

each healing gemstone is high quality, ethically sourced + hand-picked with minimal impact on the environment

elevari crystal kits are infused with reiki energy + positive vibes


the emotional wellness kit